1. Do you sell bamboo plants?

Answer: Right now we are not selling any bamboo plants. Bambooman.com is a proud member of the American Bamboo Society (ABS). We strongly recommnend that you go directly to their website for ABS recommneded nurseries. Their website is www.Bamboo.org.

2. How can we get in touch with the Pangkat Kawayan bamboo orchestra?

Answer: You can mail them a letter at this address: 83 Union Civica St. Galas, Quezon City, Philippines.

3. Where is The Bamboo Organ located?

Answer: The Bamboo Organ Foundation, Inc. St. Joseph Parish, Bamboo Organ Church, Padre Diego Cera Avenue, Brgy. Daniel Fajardo, 1744 Las Pinas City, Philippines. Phone:(63)(2) 825-7190 (63)(2)826-1856 Email:boflp@info.com.ph bambooorganfoundation@yahoo.com

4. Why do you sell metal bamboo items these are not natural?

Answer: Alot of people want to own bamboo decorations or bamboo inspired items. But not all of them can maintain the delicate nature of natural bamboos. Some of them want to own bamboo items for life and iron or steel bamboo decorations are the answer for these type of customers.

5. Are there any bamboos in Scentation products?

Answer: Bits or pieces of bamboos maybe included on their potpourri products. Most of the people who buys Papaya and Bamboo items buy it for the fragrance. They love the exotic blend of sun-drenched papaya and tropical kiwi while ginger and golden bamboo provide softness and balance to it.